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Energy Sagittarius surprisingly coincides with the energy of Scorpio. And Sagittarius and Scorpio - the signs are strong, active and energetic. Although Scorpio prefers to proceed cautiously and gradually, and Sagittarius - openly and directly, both characterized by strong character personality, capable of overcoming the risks and difficulties.

These qualities may need all signs of the Zodiac when it's December. November, and especially its first half, was quite favorable, which can not be said of December. All negative trends will remove into December and will be exacerbated. Back in November began retrograde motion of Mercury, and it will end only on December 13. And it means - all important things is better to postpone to January. There may be problems in communication (especially with the bosses, power) - you may be misunderstood, you can not thoroughly explain your position. There will be a desire to grasp at any thing, being unable to bring any to the end; in attempt to solve a problem - desire to "shoot from the hip." Take care of yourself, try to avoid quarrels and conflicts that may arise due to misunderstandings.

December 10 will be a very dangerous full lunar eclipse, as it can bring a lot of trouble. Especially it will be dangerous for those who own authority, manages groups, holds high office. They may suddenly be out of business, loss of high office, and even go to jail. To avoid this, you must recognize the laws, to find common ground with superiors, not openly commit immoral acts and illegal actions.

Also be wary of emotional breakdowns. There will be many disappointments, troubles. Particularly hard will be moving to another country or a new home. Remember: the effect of the eclipse is particularly strong for three days before and three days later.

In December, there is a danger to lose jobs. Also increases risk of strokes, falls, sudden loss of consciousness. So try not to do anything important, do not engage in long-term transactions, abandon acquisition of land or immovable property. Your freedom and independence may be constrained by life circumstances, your initiative might encounter obstacles and fail. Along with the fact you can lose faith in yourselves and become indecisive, will be afraid to take your own decisions, to exaggerate negative aspects of life, and little trouble take as large. There is a danger to quarrel with friends, to feel loneliness, pessimism, frustration, depression, nervous breakdowns. You pay for, in essence, karmic debts, so do not give up and stop unbelieving in yourself.

Try not to show excessive obstinacy and stubbornness. You also do not allow disputes and quarrels, conflicts with outside world. At this time, no sense to rely on some kind of improvement, good luck. Any speculation will fail. Should be very careful with money, you will see "that fell from the cart - disappeared." Danger of waste, investing in businesses or simply frivolous fraud, miscalculation - in general, losses.

At this time prevail tendency to distrust and suspicion, feeling solitude and isolation, even to separation @ talk of divorce. All unions and marriages at this time, doomed to failure or unhappy life. Random links and contacts, entertainment and pleasure of erotic nature can bring not only false and untenable friendship / partnership, and even venereal disease. There is a danger of breaking existing friendship and alienation of loved ones and friends.

Effects on the body during this period also adversely. Will greatly intensify chronic illness. Of particular danger - rheumatism, gout, polyarthritis, sciatica. You should also be wary of chills @ various like diseases, which may take a long time to overcome.

In December, many will face troubles at work - a scolding from superiors, trouble of scheming colleagues, slander, carping, undeserved punishment and insults, reprimands, demotion, denial of award. At best, you will be free from work that you do not like. Not only is Sagittarius, but all other signs of the Zodiac will find it very difficult to obey and follow instructions of superiors. Each and every one wants to overthrow the authorities, to leave work, change your life, drop everything and go into unknown. Many people will experience some sort of vague anxiety and desire to rebel against all authority.

However, Mars and Moon in Virgo White advised not to jump to conclusions and actions, caution and prudence, not to leave work and go into unknown. Vice versa, a serious and deeply engaged in work or business, taking into account any little things and details. Luck smiles in December only to those who would "fanatically" work and will not yield to provocations of other planetary influences, offering to solve all problems easily and immediately.

Very strong influence on situation in December, will connect with the Black Moon of Jupiter. This aspect is usually drawn into social morass. Some may be influenced by religious sectarianism, begin to worship the devil, to submit false idols.

Very unfavorably in December to move, change their place of residence. It is desirable to drive less and take long trips only when absolutely necessary. You must try to stay where you all know where you have many acquaintances and friends. The new year should also meet with relatives and friends. Strangers can adversely affect your health in these holidays.

Energy in December is generally quite destructive. Must be countered by very consistent and deliberate action in all areas of life. Only a sober calculation, knowledge and confidence will help to achieve a lot in those days. At this time, it is best to focus the scope of your interests at work and business.

Very good in December to check the work of subordinates or those on whom depends your income, review your account book, taking care of "assets" and "liabilities". Also good to do business and accounting, to perform various calculations, to engage in a career or business details, learn something, read. Very good at that time to engage in work that requires perseverance @ patience.

You should also deal with health problems. Very important not to neglect little things, concentrate on things that previously seemed insignificant and unimportant. It is desirable to start cycle recovery or diet, do exercise. Do permutation and cleaning of your house, while preparing for the New Year. And it should be fun to meet and festive, with hope and faith that in January will begin a completely new and more auspicious period.

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